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ANGUS Life Sciences is a premier global provider of essential raw materials for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production. From economical foundational elements and versatile topical excipients to top-quality TRIS reagents, we deliver the utmost purity and most uniform resources to the industry. Our commitment to a dependable, fully traceable supply is unparalleled, and exclusively offered by ANGUS, the sole fully integrated producer of TRIS reagents in the world. From initial exploration to product launch, Explore A Superior Approach™ with ANGUS.

Products & Services

Biochemicals Biomolecules and Salts

HEPES and HEPES Sodium Salt Buffers

Multicompendial Tris Amino and Tris Amino Ultra Pure Reagents

Nitroalkanes and Derivatives Solvents and Building Blocks for Pharmaceutical Synthesis

Specialty Cell Culture Media Cell Lines and Contract Services for Baculovirus Expression Vector Systems