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MyMD is a pharmaceutical company in the advanced stages of clinical research, focusing on innovative drug products for aging-related ailments, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders. The team has collaborated with leading academic figures to discover synthetic therapeutics, including a pioneering drug intended to significantly extend human lifespan. On the other hand, MYR Pharma specializes in the development of Myrcludex B, an innovative entry inhibitor for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and D infections. This drug effectively targets the NTCP protein on hepatocyte surfaces, preventing healthy cell infection and viral spread within the liver. Demonstrating exceptional safety and antiviral efficacy in numerous clinical trials, Myrcludex B has received Orphan Designations for HDV infection treatment from both the EMA and FDA. Additionally, it has been included in the exclusive list of drugs eligible for the PRIME scheme by the European Medicines Agency.