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Iosynth operates as a biocatalysis service provider to the pharmaceutical and fine chemical sector. We strongly uphold the idea that the current market offers numerous exceptional enzymes for biocatalysis/chiral chemistry applications, many of which are readily available in large quantities and exhibit wide substrate specificity. Leveraging our profound understanding of global enzyme producers and their respective product offerings and strengths enables us to identify commercially viable enzymes for most reactions, and thereby saving our clients time and money while reaping the full benefits of enzymatic reactions: Proper enzyme utilization reduces costs and promotes sustainability. However, identifying the suitable enzyme is just the beginning; the real value is realized when the enzyme is applied at a commercial scale. Iosynth excels in the application and upscaling of enzyme technologies to industrial scale, serving as specialists in biocatalysis and aiding clients in overcoming barriers to the use of biocatalysts in chemo-industrial processes. Iosynth sets itself apart by collaborating with enzyme producers to help companies pinpoint the best enzyme for specific reactions and offering a wide array of technical services, ranging from fundamental technical guidance to technology transfer of fully developed processes, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We drive the implementation of biocatalysis at an industrial level!

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