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Infozen India Enterprise is involved in providing novel and cost-efficient pharmaceutical technology. The company focuses on delivering the world's most cutting-edge and affordable nano-technology solutions utilizing nozzle technology. IIE serves as a single point of contact for affordable solutions for nano-sizing and micronization with nozzle technology. The company is supported by trial and processing services, an R&D center, a pilot facility, and comprehensive production and analysis equipment. 1. Operating at high pressure of 45000 psi, microfluidization homogenization technology is employed for efficient particle size reduction.

Products & Services

High Pressure 45000 PSI Microfluidization Homogenizer: DV 90<273 nm One Pass

High Pressure Nano Liposome Extruder


Pharma Engineering and Bio Engineering, Production and Packaging

Ultrafine Powder API Jet Mill and Isolation System