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ILC Therapeutics Ltd is a young biopharmaceutical company specializing in modulating the Inborn Immune System through the creation of innovative peptide drugs for the therapy of Tumors, Atopic Dermatitis, and Psoriasis. The Innate Lymphoid Cells, which were unearthed a decade ago, are divided into three categories: ILC-1, ILC-2, and ILC-3, each linked to a distinct condition: Tumors, Atopic Dermatitis, and Psoriasis, respectively. There is a renewed interest in Alpha Interferon due to the finding that this protein serves as the connector between the two factions of the immune system. PIC Therapeutics is a biotechnology company concentrated on revolutionizing cancer treatment through the development of a new line of medical treatments based on RNA translation modulation. Founded on the influential research of Dr. Gerhard Wagner, a distinguished professor at Harvard Medical School known for his expertise in protein structure and eukaryotic translation initiation factors (eIFs) interactions. TLC therapeutics is a privately-owned specialized pharmaceutical firm with a focus on discovering and marketing innovative pharmaceutical products with distinctive dose forms to address unmet needs. TLC590 is a non-opioid, BioSeizer® prolonged-release formulation of ropivacaine designed to increase the duration of ropivacaine's effectiveness around the injection site as a drug reservoir, while simultaneously reducing undesired systemic exposure.