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Anju ClinPlus ( operates as a privately owned organization established in 1996, specializing in providing clinical trials software for the management and analysis of clinical data to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors globally. More than 50 customers worldwide utilize ClinPlus® software for the collection, cleaning, coding, and analysis of data, as well as for clinical trial management and reporting. Integration of the software with services and training has led numerous ClinPlus clients to significantly enhance productivity, maximize the value of their clinical research investments, and gain a competitive edge in expediting the delivery of medicines and products to the market. The ClinPlus® Software Solutions Suite for Clinical Trials encompasses premium tools that cater to the needs of pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), biotechs, and medical device manufacturers to streamline clinical trials and adhere to the data formatting requirements of the FDA and other international regulatory bodies. DZS has built a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions, offering cost-effective entry, scalability, flexible delivery options, and exceptional training and support, helping clients achieve early access to reliable clinical data.

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