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Our team of dedicated scientists possesses a profound knowledge of neurodegeneration, striving to expand the possibilities in scientific research with the aim of impacting the lives of individuals affected by neurodegenerative conditions. Motivated by innate inquisitiveness and unwavering principles, we recognize the potential to effect significant change. Equipped with extensive expertise in biology and the capacity to comprehend the fundamental causes of illness, we are uncovering treatments that could substantially alter the course of neurodegeneration.. Garuda Therapeutics aims to establish a world that diminishes reliance on donor or patient cells for blood stem cell transplants. Our advanced technology for producing readily available, self-renewing blood stem cells is positioned to offer patients swift and widespread access to consistent, long-lasting, HLA-compatible transgene-free blood stem cell therapies. Similar to bone marrow transplants, our technology has the potential to deliver potentially curative treatments for over 70 diseases.